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On Choosing a Restaurant for your Reception

For most newlyweds, having the reception at a restaurant is the most practical solution. From grills with wonderful outdoor views to great Chinese restaurants. But what should you look for when looking at a restaurant for your Wedding's Reception.

Firstly, and probably quite obviously, the restaurant should offer food that is to your taste. Primarily, since these are restaurants, the food should be good and on time. One good thing about most restaurants is that they are usually pretty accessible, with good parking and public transport. Most restaurants with the resources to handle weddings have packages and be sure to check these out as they are mostly cheaper than trying to put together everything yourself. One often overlooked feature is that the restaurant should have at least pretty good looking interiors. I've been to some very nice restaurants in the most unusual surroundings but it's what is inside that matters most. With that in mind you should also look for a restaurant which has good security, you would not want any of your guests getting robbed outside or by bystanders inside the restaurant, of course reputation of the restaurant is also an important consideration.

The absolute best part about having your reception at a restaurant is that you know all the food already, you may have eaten there before, and you know what is good and what is just okay. And if there some unexpected guests, it is easy for the restaurant to adjust, since everything is right there. And more often than not, it is also the cheapest option. Some even offer eat all you can and drink all you can. Having a restaurant as a reception venue does satisfy completely the food aspect of the reception, as there is very limited privacy in restaurants and also even the most beautiful function rooms cannot begin to match that of a hotel's ballroom or the ambiance of that garden venue. Pound for pound though having your reception at a restaurant makes a lot of sense especially in these trying times.


Towns Delight said...

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penelop said...

Yes it is very important and events like wedding receptions should be done at a good place which rocks with the modern theme.

Sheena said...

Let me share with you some nice tips on selecting the best reception venue to serve you at your wedding day!

For soon-to-be-weds, the first thing to consider is where to conduct your wedding reception be it at a resort, restaurant, or a hotel. In selecting the perfect wedding reception venue, here are some really helpful tips:

1. Décor. Soon-to-be-weds should always keep in mind that a pleasant venue will surely be memorable to your guests. You also have to keep it in mind to choose the perfect location for the reception. For example, it is never advisable to use red as the motif for your wedding reception if you will be conducting it in a usually-red-painted Chinese restaurant.

2. Budget. Keep it in mind that even though having a hotel as a wedding reception venue is popular nowadays, packages offered by certain hotels range from PhP400,000.00 to a whooping PhP800,000.00. On the other hand, multi-purpose halls purposely-built for wedding events, mostly offer prices ranging from PhP1,000.00 to almost PhP60,000.00. Therefore, one really excellent alternative for a couple on a tight budget is a restaurant somewhere in Manila (like a Cavite resort Philippines!

3. Amenities. Prior to a couple booking a wedding reception venue, they should first check-out every amenity that it offers to avoid paying more to a service that you could’ve get less expensively.

4. Location. Consider the proximity of the venue and also the modes of transportation available to your guests and what the venue offers. If your guests will be attending your wedding reception with their personal vehicles, then a venue with plenty of parking space will be perfect.
Keep it in mind to look for a wedding reception venue where traffic jams seldom happen.

Keeping in mind that their customer’s does not only search for beautiful wedding venues but also check the nitty-gritty of the services they get, Mount Sea Resort is one of the most sought-after Cavite swimming pool resorts that first come to every Caviteño’s mind for wedding events because of the top-notch service and menu it offers.

Experience the ultimate wedding reception experience not only for you and your bride but also for your guests!

Brian said...

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Aadams1 said...

Wedding partty is a important one, that partty is gives to big hotels or restaurants. that restaurant have all the facilities to celeberate wedding reception function. The Wedding Planner is arranges many thinks, like food, drinks, dances, etc.. this is a very important moment in our marriage ceremony.

james burns said...

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Zonia Cruz said...

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aaron john said...

you are absolutely right and i do agree with you that its is really important to have your marriage party venues
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Zonia Cruz said...

Choosing a perfect venue for party depends on the kind of party you want to throw and the guests you plan on inviting. A birthday party generally fits well with a night club venue, since the venue is already set up for dancing and drinking, while a retirement party or awards ceremony, might be better off at a museum, which has an elegant appeal. Thanks a lot.

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Kirstz said...

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mairemarsha said...

I agree. It is very important to choose the right and perfect restaurant for your wedding. Great tips you have here! I learned a lot!

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heller sam said...

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heller sam said...

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