Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mt Carmel's Complete Wedding Package

In the era of value meals and promo bundles, it now seems that more and more things can be had for far cheaper and easier when bought in bundles. It started out that only venues and restaurants wanted to bundle, as it is easier to sell these on non-peak days (weekdays and mornings). It is easy on the suppliers as well, and much easier for the client to have only one person or entity to communicate with.

Now, with the cooperation of various suppliers, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, looks to launch its very own 'package deal'. As I am one of the main architects of this project, I will not critique it but only try to promote it. So whether you are planning to get married soon, know of someone who's planning to get married soon, or just curious please take a look at the package that we have prepared. Please click here to visit the Carmel Events Website.

For inquiries please call (632) 583-6416

Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Choosing a Restaurant for your Reception

For most newlyweds, having the reception at a restaurant is the most practical solution. From grills with wonderful outdoor views to great Chinese restaurants. But what should you look for when looking at a restaurant for your Wedding's Reception.

Firstly, and probably quite obviously, the restaurant should offer food that is to your taste. Primarily, since these are restaurants, the food should be good and on time. One good thing about most restaurants is that they are usually pretty accessible, with good parking and public transport. Most restaurants with the resources to handle weddings have packages and be sure to check these out as they are mostly cheaper than trying to put together everything yourself. One often overlooked feature is that the restaurant should have at least pretty good looking interiors. I've been to some very nice restaurants in the most unusual surroundings but it's what is inside that matters most. With that in mind you should also look for a restaurant which has good security, you would not want any of your guests getting robbed outside or by bystanders inside the restaurant, of course reputation of the restaurant is also an important consideration.

The absolute best part about having your reception at a restaurant is that you know all the food already, you may have eaten there before, and you know what is good and what is just okay. And if there some unexpected guests, it is easy for the restaurant to adjust, since everything is right there. And more often than not, it is also the cheapest option. Some even offer eat all you can and drink all you can. Having a restaurant as a reception venue does satisfy completely the food aspect of the reception, as there is very limited privacy in restaurants and also even the most beautiful function rooms cannot begin to match that of a hotel's ballroom or the ambiance of that garden venue. Pound for pound though having your reception at a restaurant makes a lot of sense especially in these trying times.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Requirements for Church Weddings

This might be a little off topic, but hey, I haven't seen any postings out there regarding this topic, so I decided to help and post this list of Wedding Requirements for most Catholic Churches in the Philippines.

1) Baptismal Certificates (Recent with "For Marriage Purpose")
2) Confirmation Certificates (Recent with "For Marriage Purpose")
3) Certificates of "No Marriage" CENOMAR from NSO (for singles)
Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificates (For Civilly Married)
4) Recent 2x2 Photo
5) Recent Residence Certificate
6) Valid Marriage License from Civil Registrar
7) Attendance of Parish Pre Cana Seminar
8) Permission of the Parish Priest of the Bride
9) Delegation form for invited officiating Priest
10) Publication of Banns - In the Parishes of the Bride and Groom
11) Canonical Interview with Parish Priest.

Other requirements for Special Cases:
1) For Mixed Marriage: Permit form the Chancery Office of the local Diocese
2) For Marriage between a Filipino and a Foreigner: Civil Status at the Foreign Embassy and Permit form the Chancery Office of the local Diocese

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips in Selecting a Reception Venue

Ok, so I probably should have thought of this earlier, but I think with much more experience at this, I have become more qualified to make these recommendations. The following is my guide to selecting a reception venue that's perfect for your needs:

1. Budget - Of course, this is the first thing that you should set and most importantly stick to, below are some price ranges for different types of venues.
Garden: Rental fees for garden type weddings in Manila ranges from 60,000-180,000.
Hotels: There are not rental only of hotels, but rather packages. A bit more expensive.
Packages start at around 300,000 for 150 guests.
Multi purpose Halls/Tents: Some are purposely built for weddings and some aren't but most are air-conditioned. Rental varies from 2,000 for a Multi purpose hall inside a
village up to 50,000 or more for purposely built Tents or Halls.
Restaurants: This is an excellent alternative if you are on a tight budget, and want good
food. Prices of course vary.

2. Location - It would not make sense in selecting a location that most your family and friends will have a hard time traveling to and from. You have to consider what modes of transport are readily available to your guests and what the venue offers. For example, if you know that most of your guests have their own vehicles then a venue with ample parking space would be good, conversely, if your guests will have to commute then choosing a venue with good access to public transport will be more appropriate. It is also best to try to find a venue where there is not too much traffic especially just before the time of your reception, in my opinion this is the reason that most guests try to leave early, because they want to avoid the traffic.

3. Amenities - Of course, what you want is what you should get. Before booking any venue please check out all the amenities that they offer. You might end up paying extra for something that you could have negotiated earlier. Remember, you are most powerful when you have not committed anything to the venue yet. Shop around and don't be shy to ask for free stuff, in fact they want you to have those stuff because believe it or not those of us in the wedding industry want the best for our clients.

4. Check out all the rules and terms - Some venues will ask you to pay a cork age fee for some items or unaccredited suppliers or electricity. Also please read all the contracts so that you will not be surprised. Some venues want to have some sort of monopoly having their own accredited suppliers for catering, photo, lights, sound systems, etc. Learn all the ins and outs of each venue.

5. Try to find some referrals. If you know somebody who has had experience with a venue either attending or throwing a party at a venue, try to get their inputs. This first hand experience is invaluable in your search for a wedding venue. If you have a wedding planner, he/she might have some suggestions, and always remember to keep an open mind.

6. Decor, decor, decor. Having a more expensive venue may not be as expensive if your thinking about the additional decorations that you might want to add. For example, you won't be needing as much flowers to decorate a garden venue (duh!) as you would a tent or a hotel. Also, creating beautiful lighting effects might only be possible in an enclosed area, meaning that open air gardens won't be as effective. Keep in mind that an aesthetically pleasing venue sticks to the minds of your guests and will keep them saying what a beautiful reception.

7. Comfort and Ease. Almost none of the other things matter if you are not personally comfortable with the venue. Meaning, that the venue puts you at ease either by great aesthetics or great service and even better if both are present. So what is it about choosing a venue that puts you to ease? Well, this really varies from person to person. Your preference should really dictate what venue you choose, it is also a reflection of your personalities. Along the way to choosing your perfect wedding venue, always remember that life is a journey and not a destination, so don't be afraid to indulge yourself even though you know that this particular venue isn't quite right for you don't be too hasty and just live the experiences one at a time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father Mark Horan Hall

The Father Mark Horan Hall is located in the side of the Mount Carmel Parish Church in New Manila. It is run completely by the church. It is a great option for those who do not want to travel far from the church and risk traffic and as a major plus, it has ample parking spaces as well. It's main rival (due to vicinity) is the Oasis, which is a beautiful garden venue although it is not air conditioned. I always stress the air conditioning because even on a good day a venue without air conditioning is going to be at the very least a bit uncomfortable (unless you're in Baguio or Tagaytay perhaps) for guests in Barong, suits or gowns. Back to Fr. Mark Horan Hall, the facility is fully air conditioned, and has a built in sound system and stage. There are also some chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. While I won't divulge the pricing of the venue rental of the Fr. Mark Horan Hall, I will say that the price is just about the price you would expect to pay for a good sound system with a stage, that alone should suffice. I've seen beautiful decorations made in the Fr. Mark Horan Hall but it really does vary depending on your caterer. Catering packages for the Fr. Mark Horan Hall are also some of the cheapest that I know of and as a plus the Fr. Mark Horan Hall has its own Tiffany Chairs, which on some other venues your caterer might charge you extra for, but here it is all inclusive. Maybe I am endorsing this venue a bit too much, but other than the lack of a picturesque photo opportunity spots outside, I cannot say that anything else is lacking with this venue plus I cannot over emphasize the cheap price of rental, which includes, a sound system, stage, LCD projector screen, tiffany chairs and air conditioning, plus ample parking space which is within the compounds of the church.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Barong Tagalog or Suit?

This is the only choices that most Filipino grooms have for their attire, in fact its not just for weddings its the only choice most men get when going on a formal event. My personal opinion on the matter is, when the occasion calls for it, try to think about what the event is all about. If it is a Filipino function the Barong Tagalog is the most appropriate attire but if it is an international event, maybe a suit or a tux might be more appropriate, unless otherwise specified.

For weddings however, there has been a recent surge of grooms wearing suits and tuxes. One of the main reasons to do this is that the groom can easily stand out, especially if the other male guests are asked to wear a Barong Tagalog. The tuxedo and suit look classy and sophisticated, but unfortunately unless all the venues have good air conditioning the Groom will also likely be sweating like a ... really sweaty person. This indeed defeats the look the suit and tuxedo tries to bring about. This is why for me at least, the Barong Tagalog is still king in the Philippines, tuxedos and suits are part of western culture and fashion, that is why they were designed for far cooler temperatures than our own. The Barong Tagalog on the other hand is part of our own culture, and is built specifically for our climate. It is one that is uniquely Filipino. Chances are all grooms all around the world are wearing a tuxedo or a suit to their wedding but we are the only people who can say that we have our own custom and our own standards of clothing. In closing, I say that although a tuxedo or a suit would look really awesome, it is not part of a Filipino wedding because it is inherently foreign. A Barong Tagalog on the other hand looks just as classy, perhaps ordinary to us, but it is still a massive source of pride and culture to the one that wears it. I am proud to be Filipino and I am proud of the Barong Tagalog and would like for it to keep its place in our hearts and minds and in the Filipino Wedding.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Coconut Palace

Truly one of the most treasured piece of Philippine architecture, the Coconut Palace is a great option for hosting your wedding reception. The Coconut Palace offers, beautiful landscapes as well as top notch interiors. The second floor is off limits to guests and to most people for that matter. One of the greatest features of The Coconut Palace is the view of the ocean and the beautiful poolside in which your reception will be held. Which means that if it does in fact rain during your wedding it will be a very wet affair. For those with foresight the alternative venue is the quite small room in one of the wings on the first floor. There is air conditioning in this room but it will prove to be very small and quite cramped for your guests. But when the conditions are perfect, the poolside of The Coconut Palace is rivaled only by the great views at the Sofitel and Manila Hotel, but I personally would rate it just a little bit higher. With that said I think that some of the designs at the poolside could use a little bit more elements, like park benches, a small nipa hut or more lights. Overall, The Coconut Palace is a very cool and historical place to hold your wedding reception, but it could use some minor face lifts.

The Coconut Palace is located near the PICC (Philippine International Convention Center) in Roxas Blvd.

Paco Park

Indeed, one of the most surreal venues I have had the privilege of going to, Paco Park located at the heart of Metro Manila provides a very unique and unforgettable nuptial. The fact that the church is literally a stone throw away might be it or it might even be the utter unique heritage and history that surrounds the place or it might even be a mystical force that you feel due to the fact that Paco Park is a cemetery. This is a most unique occurrence that can be very appealing to some and just plain creepy to others. One thing I will say is that the Park is very well maintained and certainly feels safe enough and clean enough. It can also be weird since guest will pass throgh a courtyard with fountain to get to the church and this will later turn out to be the reception venue. It is very peaceful and serene in Paco Park, also there is quite a sea breeze coming through most of the time which brings in nice, cool air. My biggest concern is that the restrooms are very difficult to find and take around 5 minutes to get to, which can be a long walk if you're very full. Paco Park defies explanation and must be experienced to be appreciated completely, if at all. So please view the photos and if it feels right for you, visit and feel the amazing aura that is unique to Paco Park.

Paco Park is located along Gen. Luna St. and at the east end of Padre Faura St., in Paco, Manila.

The Bellevue

This is the first hotel that I will be including in my reviews, since hotels packages also include bridal suites, I will also comment on this whenever doing a hotel review. Located in Alabang, Muntinlupa, it seems to be the only multi star hotel in the immediate vicinity. It is the logical (only) choice for business people who need to do some business in and around the south.

Firstly, the bridal suite is an executive suite, complete with a king sized bed, living area and kitchen. It is by no means big (actually looks pretty small for a suite), it is nicely put together with great attention to detail. Problems arise when the bride comes from a big family and everybody wants in on the bridal suite, needless to say it can get pretty crowded very quickly. But again if it can be helped that only a maximum of 5 people stay in the bridal suite (not including the makeup artists, dress maker, photographers and videographers) it can be pretty comfortable in there.
The Bridal suite

The Bellevue has a very large ballroom that can be divided into 3 smaller ballrooms each capable of handling an event for 150 guests on their own, but combined the huge ballroom can accommodate a good 600 guests easily. Aesthetically it is one of the most modern and beautifully crafted ballrooms. The best part about the Bellevue ballroom is that there is an entirely different entrance exclusively for your guests. This includes your very own (at least for the night) private atrium that can serve as a cocktail area for your guests or just lounging around. My biggest bash on the ballroom would have to be the fact that it is on the second floor which is not exactly odd but the restrooms are located on the ground floor. There are escalators and an elevator though that cater to this design flaw. The food is also great and plentiful and the service is nothing less than one would expect from a 5 star hotel. Also the Bellevue has a small and unique swimming pool area, which is great for photo shoots and the like. All in all, the Bellevue is one outstanding venue, that can provide for a very classy and comfortable experience on your wedding day.
Link to the official Bellevue Website
North Bridgeway, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel. 771-8181

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casa Espanyol

A true pioneer in the wedding industry, Casa Espanyol, was one of the first if not the first exculsive garden wedding venues in Metro Manila. Located inside South Greenpark Village, along Mindanao Avenue, Casa Espanyol once was just the home of an enterprising couple who saw the potential in their mansion. About 3/4 the size of a football field Casa Espanyol's garden is by no means a big reception venue, in fact it maxes out at around 150 guests, and parking would be too much of a problem so really the practical value is much less than 150. Through time, it has remained as one of the most sought after venues because of the intimacy that it projects. The owners are also very helpful and are always glad to be of service. They make it a point to give real personal service which is awesome because this is also one of the cheapest venues out there and just looks amazing.

Link to Casa Espanyol Official Website
28 Francies Drive, South Greenpark Village, Mindanao Ave, QC
Landline: (632) 920-8535

Gazebo Royale

The first time I entered Gazebo Royale it was still under landscaping and it wasn't all completed yet, but even then, the place really feels like something different. The entrance to their venue is through a shop selling garden plants. Nice huge gates greet you at the entrance. There are two 'Gazebos' in Gazebo Royale, with one just slightly larger than the other. Both gazebos are surrounded by landscaped gardens with bridges, benches, waterfalls, ponds and very nice and exotic looking plants which offers the bride and grooms and their guests plenty of photo opportunities. Inside the gazebo, there is an almost constant natural breeze, plus the entire area is surrounded by misting fans (I don't really like these misting fans for weddings, I'll probably save this for another article). There is a small bridal suite where the bride can touch up on her make up or just for use as a secure storage area. There is also a choir loft overlooking the gazebo which also offers a great view of the beautiful chandeliers hanging from its ceiling. Parking is also not an issue as Gazebo Royale offers a good amount of parking space with security, on the down side though the parking area is a bit dark but I do think they are doing something about this already. While Gazebo Royale is not the cheapest garden venue, it is also a long way from being the most expensive, but other than a lack of air conditioning, (yes air conditioning is important even in garden situations, Fernwood Gardens realized this) replaced by a theme park based cooling system, Gazebo Royale is really a great place to hold a party or a reception.

Link to Gazebo Royale Official Site
29 Visayas Avenue Extension, Quezon City

Tel # +63 (2) 920-6503 to 05

Oasis Manila

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, emerges The Oasis Manila, located along Aurora Boulevard, makes it really very much in the middle of things. It is also located very near the church I attend mass in, Mt. Carmel Church. The Pavillion as they call it, is quite roomy, and looks a lot like an overgrown but very nice looking gazebo or clubhouse. The facility is cooled by misting fans spread along its perimeter, so those sitting near the perimeter should expect to get wet or at least moist. The Venue sports a very high ceiling lit by beautiful chandeliers and alternatively for a fee, they can also place drapes as well. For the bride to be there is a small bridal suite but as with most venues that do offer a bridal suite, use is limited to 3-4 hours only. The Venue does have ample parking space and is very secure. The Pavillion is surrounded by landscaped gardens with small koi ponds. There are lots of accredited caterers to choose from and some suppliers even use the Oasis Manila front office as a store front and they even have created budget wedding packages with these suppliers, so check it out, great value for money and a wide open and beautiful, albeit a slightly damp environment.

Link to The Oasis Manila Official Website
169 Aurora Blvd, San Juan, Metro Manila
7214585/7245016/468 9959

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Glass Garden

Strategically located within the boundaries of Quezon City, Pasig and Marikina, it is highly accessible and is just 10 minutes from White Plains and Valle Verde, and just across the street from SM Marikina, The Glass Garden is an excellent venue for those searching for a different type of wedding reception, birthday celebration or just about any other occasion at very reasonable prices. Surrounded by beautiful plants and breathtaking waterfalls in a 40-foot high dome of green and white glass, every corner is a picturesque landscape perfect for photos and videos. It is also fully air-conditioned even up to the lobby and the restrooms. A twelve foot waterfall with a winding stream welcomes you in the main lobby leading to two sound proof function areas that can accommodate 200-700 guests, each with an elegant fully-furnished suite, adorned with intricately designed spiral stairs and bridges.

The Glass Garden is also handicapped-friendly, while most venues choose to ignore the handicapped particularly those using wheelchairs, The Glass Garden has installed slip proof ramps to and from the lobby and the restrooms which I personally feel is an excellent touch. Also there are more than enough parking spaces and very good security as well. Also there is a tricycle station nearby so those guests that are commuters will find that this venue although a bit off the main road is still very accessible. Overall, The Glass Garden is one of the most well-rounded venues out there and it is definitely worth your while to take a look.

Link to The Glass Garden Official Website
257 Evangelista St. cor Pasco Avenue, Brgy. Santolan, Pasig City

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

C3 Events Place

Situated in the middle of the Metro in Greenhills, C3 Events Place is one place that is very conveniently located. But this excellent location might also be its downfall, as it is well known that it is very hard to find parking in Greenhills and surely the alloted 20 parking spaces for C3 will not suffice for most events. C3 Events place offers very sumptuous menus prepared by their chefs. The food is excellent and the ambiance is very modern as can easily be seen in their architecture. Also they prepare some of the best desert station around, so go on and try out C3 Events Place for your next event, the food is great, the ambiance is always sophisticated but for the parking and traffic, C3 is one of the most complete events places around.

18 Missouri St. Greenhills West, San Juan, Metro Manila
(2) 726.2712,

Paradiso Terrestre

Just past the edge of Daang Hari, which stretches from Alabang all the way to Bacoor, Cavite, a new wedding and events place has emerged. Upon entering the nice gates you will immediately notice the elegance and class that the place emits. With dozens of life sized sculptures and fountains all around its lush gardens, and yet behind the facade lies a family oriented resort with a swimming pool. Mainly an events place, Paradiso Terrestre has its own restaurant which employs a chef. To be honest looking at their package, it seems to be one of the most complete packages for weddings, even including a sound system, and duet singers. It's about a one hour drive from Metro Manila just past the famous Fernbrook Gardens. Not only are their packages cheap (cheaper than most other wedding venues in Manila at least) but the food is also very nice and tasty, this is because they also have a professional chef preparing the dishes. They can afford to do this because they also have a fine dining restaurant in one of the adjacent buildings near their Ballroom. If you live anywhere near Alabang and are searching for an alternative reception venue, Paradiso Terrestre is certainly worth a look.

Paradiso Terrestre Official Website
Lot 1 - A&B Pad - 04 170933, National Road, Molino Highway, Bacoor, Cavite
(02) 529-8875 / (046) 477-1097 / (02) 906-2506

The Greenery, Baliuag, Bulacan

Yesterday was we went to The Greenery in Baliuag, Bulacan for a pre-nuptial shoot. It's yet another outdoor/garden wedding venue that has made its roots near the Metro. It's about 1-1.5 hours drive away from Metro Manila, which make it about the same driving time as Tagaytay. It features 4 different venues, including a pavilion, a lighthouse, an open garden and an amphitheater. All the venues looked pretty good and spacious, although I have to say that there doesn't seem to be enough parking for guests. Anyway what sets the Greenery apart from other venues is its lighthouse which overlooks a small lagoon. There are lots of picturesque areas around and it is generally very breezy. There is a nearby church for those who are interested in getting married at the Greenery.

The Greenery Official Website
80 San Juan St., Rio Vista Subdivision, Sabang, Baliuag, Bulacan
Tel No: (044) 766-6325
Fax No: (044) 766-6326

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Creating a Budget

It is very easy to get carried away in spending for your wedding, you want the best and the most perfect things for your perfect day. But it is also important to remember that the best need not be the most expensive, you have to be creative and set your budget. Here's a list I've made which contains some expenses on a typical wedding.

1. Church. (10,000-20,000 pesos) Some air conditioned churches go up to about 25,000
2. Hotel Stay. (2,000-8,000 pesos/night) It is recommended that you stay in a hotel the night before your wedding so when you get your makeup done the room will be cool and you don't have to fix it after making a mess.
3. Reception Venue (15,000-150,000 pesos) This is for the rental of the place only, though some Venues will have pre-built packages with food, cake and most of the things you might want or need.
4. Hotel Reception (200,000-500,000 pesos) Hotels package their food, accommodation, Bridal car and lots more things to make them more attractive, recently we have seen some price cuts on hotel wedding packages this might be due to the emergence of a lot of new wedding reception venues springing all over the country.
5. Invitations (50-200 pesos/pc) From the plain to the outright spectacular invitations have gone a long way from being just a piece of paper you hand out to somebody. They say that how beautiful your invitation is, that's how expensive a gift you get. So, make sure your invites look really nice.
6. Catering. (250-1,200 pesos/head) If you get a reception venue and decide not to go with any of their packages you will need to find yourself a caterer that suites your style and tastes. Caterers are the ones responsible not only for the food but the way that all your tables will be decorated and what type of chairs will be used.
7. Wedding Planner. (15,000-50,000 pesos) A good wedding planner will be able to save you a lot of time and energy and in some great cases, money. For your wedding planning needs, please call Mrs. Tani at 0917-8162134.
8. Event Stylist. (50,000-100,000 pesos) Want a themed wedding, beautiful backdrops, elegant centerpieces? Hire an event stylist to transform even the most ordinary wedding venue into a most unique concept like a fairytale, beach or even bringing a garden (yes an entire garden) into your ballroom.
9. Makeup Artist. (7,000-15,000 pesos) It is important that you see eye to eye with your makeup artist, after all you will live with the pictures reminding you how good you looked during your wedding day for the rest of your life.
10. Wedding Gown. (15,000-100,000 pesos) The cost really depends on how well-known the designer is and what type of fabric and design you choose.
11. Entourage and Groom's clothes (20,000-80,000 pesos) Again the budget depends on the designer, the design and the materials.
12. Flowers. (15,000-30,000) Basically the same price all across different suppliers difference in arrangement and types of flowers to be used.
13. Giveaways. (25-50pesos/hd) There are tons of giveaway ideas out there, a quick trip to Divisoria is always good for this.
14. Entertainers. (8,000-30,000 pesos) This includes; singer/s, bands and a host.
15. Sound system. (10,000-25,000 pesos) Seriously a PA system is not good enough. A good sound system package would include 4-6 speakers, 2 monitor speakers, 4 wired mics, 2 wireless mics, a band setup, a couple of smart lights, a fog machine or a bubble machine, a spotlight and around 8 pars.
16. Photographer and Videographer. (30,000-90,000 pesos) Once the party has ended all you have are the memories, hire a photographer that you can trust, it is always good to hire a small company or individual photographer that can personally do the service for you, with large companies weddings are often sub-contracted to individuals who do not have anything to lose so quality suffers quite a lot. For your Wedding Photography needs please check out my site.

On Destination Weddings

How many of us have gone out to explore the beauty of our country have said 'this place would be perfect for my wedding'? From Batangas, Puerto Azul, Tagaytay to Boracay, Plantacion Bay, the Pearl Farm, El Nido etc.. we all would love to have a great destination wedding, one that everybody will remember because its so nice, so unique but also so expensive. So what can be done to make it a little bit more feasible? I've made a small list of tips for those aspiring to have a dream destination wedding.

1. Plan ahead. Everything from expenses and logistics, everything needs to be ironed out long before your wedding. Make sure to befriend you travel agent, the resort concierge or whoever can be a big help for you, get their personal numbers but don't hound them too much. Set up a joint bank account for all the wedding expenses.

2. Keep a tight budget. Settle on how much you can afford and stick to it. There will be some unexpected expenses for sure, like tips, toll, extra guests (sometimes). You don't want to start out your marriage with a debt.

3. Keep a very short guest list. This is not possible for all but it is the best way for you to save money. You may also choose to sponsor certain guests or just subsidize them, after all plane fare and lodging are very expensive. Try to avoid inviting little children as they will, especially in beach weddings, be very difficult to control once they see the inviting water.

4. Keep it simple. You have to, the surroundings are what you came there for anyway. Keep the bridal gown simple as having a destination wedding usually means outdoor and outdoor means strong winds and dust. Having a long entourage just keeps you and your guests in the sun much longer than you might want. Keep the program simple, often a simple program is the most entertaining. Guests will want to mingle and will tend to work themselves into little groups and into one of the cozy spots you loved about your destination wedding.

5. Don't forget to have fun. At the end of the day no matter how well prepared you are, things that can go wrong will go wrong, but its okay, you just got married in your dream location and the best part is, you're already at your honeymoon.

Fernwood Gardens

One of the pioneers in revolutionizing the wedding industry. Fernwood Gardens came into fame when some famous actors and actresses started holding their wedding receptions there. Aesthetically it easily lives up to its billing as a garden within the city. Nature is all around you as you dine. Around the venues there are small ponds in which ducks and swans roam freely. It looks like a huge greenhouse from the outside or one of those aviaries from the movies. It really feels as if you are stepping into a whole new world. For grand entrances, they offer a horse drawn carriage . In the time when most weddings were held inside fancy hotels, Fernwood Gardens sure did a lot to grab attention and revolutionize how soon to wed couples thought of wedding receptions. These days Fernwood Gardens still holds the mystique and the beauty which makes it such an attractive wedding venue.

Step into Fernwood Gardens and you are transported into a whole new world of nature's beauty.

Make a grand entrance on the horse drawn carriage.

Fernwood Gardens Official Website
69 Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City
925-0020, 926-2493, 426-0968, 426-0633

Fernbrook Gardens

From the genius behind Fernwood Gardens comes the much larger garden wedding venue in the South, Fernbrook Gardens. From the outside it is such a massive structure, with beautiful glass panes, and glorious finishing all around, it definitely is one of the ultimate wedding venues in the Philippines. Inside there is a massive atrium that welcomes guests into 4 venues, though I wouldn't call the venues gardens exactly, becuase the floors are finished with indoor tiles and the only hints of greenery are sparsely spread on the sides. The ceiling is full of beautiful white drapes cascading down from the center, which sort of looks like a giant cozy matress, the entire place really is very easy on the eyes. For an extra fee a horse-drawn carriage is available for a more grand entrance and perhaps the most unique part is there is also a gondola, which can ferry newlyweds to their venue via the man-made canal which also divides the venues from the chapel. Now, obviously this sort of class does not come cheap, but if you can afford it, its well worth your hard-earned cash, you have to hurry though as getting a booking with them is really difficult and it is recommended that you make your reservation at least 18 months before your wedding.

The Large Atrium of Fernbrook Gardens provides great photo ops.
The ceiling is stuffed with very nice drapes.
Just one of the venues at Fernbrook Gardens.

Link to Fernbrook Garden
Portofino South, Daang Reyna, Las PiƱas
7108608, 7108545, 3873740, 3836865, 9278392

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcome to Philippine Weddings

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Here I will try to share my experiences in Philippine Weddings from planning, knowing what to expect, researching popular or exclusive venues and just about anything else related to Weddings in the Philippines. Please check from time to time for new postings. Thank you.

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FX_MEN is a professional wedding and portrait photographer in the Philippines. Loves to travel and going to the spa.