Monday, July 14, 2008

Requirements for Church Weddings

This might be a little off topic, but hey, I haven't seen any postings out there regarding this topic, so I decided to help and post this list of Wedding Requirements for most Catholic Churches in the Philippines.

1) Baptismal Certificates (Recent with "For Marriage Purpose")
2) Confirmation Certificates (Recent with "For Marriage Purpose")
3) Certificates of "No Marriage" CENOMAR from NSO (for singles)
Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificates (For Civilly Married)
4) Recent 2x2 Photo
5) Recent Residence Certificate
6) Valid Marriage License from Civil Registrar
7) Attendance of Parish Pre Cana Seminar
8) Permission of the Parish Priest of the Bride
9) Delegation form for invited officiating Priest
10) Publication of Banns - In the Parishes of the Bride and Groom
11) Canonical Interview with Parish Priest.

Other requirements for Special Cases:
1) For Mixed Marriage: Permit form the Chancery Office of the local Diocese
2) For Marriage between a Filipino and a Foreigner: Civil Status at the Foreign Embassy and Permit form the Chancery Office of the local Diocese

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